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Information for those experiencing first trimester complications in pregnancy

This website was created by emergency department doctors and nurses, obstetricians & gynaecologists, family physicians, and patients who have experienced pregnancy loss to help answer questions about first trimester pregnancy loss.

The information on this website should not replace the advice of your healthcare professional.

Patient Room
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What to expect in the emergency department (ED)

  • What will the doctors do?

  • Will there be a long wait?

  • What is happening in your body?

  • What do we need to know before we can safely discharge you?​

Early pregnancy complications

  • What are the signs and symptoms of possible pregnancy loss?

  • How do I know what’s normal or not?

  • Should I go to the ED?

  • Information regarding types of pregnancy outcomes including:

    • Threatened pregnancy loss

    • Pregnancy of unknown location

    • Ectopic pregnancy

Miscarriage & Loss

  • What to expect after an emergency department visit

  • What does it having a complete, incomplete or missed miscarriage mean?

  • What is a missed miscarriage?

  • Management options for pregnancy loss:

    • Expectant, medical, surgical

  • When should you go back to the ED?


Our purpose

The way women are treated when they are going through the anguish of a miscarriage or complications in early pregnancy often leaves them scared, distressed and lonely. For a significant number of women, their first stop when they experience abnormal symptoms in early pregnancy is an emergency department visit, but they leave without all of their questions answered.

Patient Handouts / Downloads

For patients, emergency department (ED) physicians, family doctors, OB/GYNs, and midwives, please feel free to download our free patient handouts by clicking below.

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